21 Rides Starting in Taipei

Three weeks of cycling a different mountain route each day? Taipei has that, and more.

Looking north at the Shiding pass

I've been looking back on the routes I've ridden in Taipei, and the variety amazes me. In every direction, rides beckon. Using Strava's route making function, I've mapped out 21 single-day rides that begin and end in this bustling city.

I've included the very best climbs and descents, with picturesque connecting sections through farming valleys and along the coast, and ample stops at convenience stores and restaurants for sustenance.

Here are two examples. Click the links to check them out on Strava.

Yangmingshan Sunrise is 65 kilometers in length and climbs 1,935 meters.  Yangmingshan is a national park that rises just north of the city. Its far slopes descend to the Pacific coast. After the first big climb, you'll want to stop along the coast to visit a fishing village or deserted beach.

Maokong is a tea-farming area just to the southeast of Taipei City. This route is 88 kilometers in length and offers 2,662 meters of total ascent. And of course, what goes up, must come down. Sharpen your descending skills on smooth, twisting roads with little traffic.

That's just  a taste of the opportunities available to cyclists in Taipei, Taiwan. The island is gaining some well-deserved recognition for the KOM Race to Wuling Pass at 3,275 meters, but nowhere else in Taiwan offers as many great rides as Taipei. Contact www.bikemonkeytours.com to learn how you can spend up to three weeks touring northern Taiwan from a base camp in Taipei.

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