Our Story

Bike Monkey Tours was born on a road high in the mountains of Eastern Taiwan in 2018. We're committed to providing the cyclists who join our tours of Taiwan with unforgettable experiences, on and off the bike.

Meet the Team

Taiwan is a crossroads that attracts people from all over the world. The people who make up Bike Monkey Tours have diverse backgrounds, but we're united in our mission of sharing our love of cycling on this amazing island.


Tim is from California and has lived in Taiwan since 1990. After years of hiking Taiwan's mountains, river tracing, and mountain biking, he now focuses on cycling the island's network of mountain roads. Besides leading cycling tours, he's also a member of Taiwan's only Grammy-nominated jug band, the Muddy Basin Ramblers.


Urs is from Switzerland, where he was active in mountain sports like cycling, climbing, skiing, and paragliding. He led backyard (off-trail) ski tours in the mountains of the Alps for many years. Living in Taiwan since 2012, his sports are cycling and water sports like surfing and kiting.

Get in Touch

Contact Bike Monkey Tours to begin arranging your tour of Eastern Taiwan. Write to tim@bikemonkeytours.com.