The team at Bike Monkey Tours understands that you want a cycling experience that matches your interests, fitness, and schedule. Our Custom Tours allow you to tell us what you expect so we can create the ideal journey for you. Get in touch with us now to begin planning your adventure.

Daily Distance

How far do you want to ride each day? 60, 80, 100, 120 kilometers, or even longer? We'll suggest overnight accommodations and cycling routes based on your preferences. 

Food & Drink

What types of meals would you like to eat? Whether you'd like to stick with foods that you're familiar with, or want to sample local specialties, Bike Monkey Tours will arrange healthy, filling meals that provide you the energy to reach your cycling goals.

Landscape & Terrain

Do you want to trace the coastline, cycle through lush forests, or climb over alpine passes? Bike Monkey Tours can design a route that focuses on one type in particular, or sample from the variety of amazing scenery that Taiwan has to offer.

Off-Bike Activities

Off the bike, you can hike, surf, dive, meet local people, visit temples and museums, sip a cold beverage while watching live music, or just chill on the beach.  Bike Monkey Tours has got you covered. Let us know what you're into, and we'll set it up. 

Epic Rides

 There's no need to cruise the coast or the valley floor if that's not your thing. Bike Monkey Tours will transport you directly to the bottom of the longest, steepest, most beautiful climbs in Taiwan. You turn the pedals, and we'll take care of everything else. In Taiwan, every day on the bike can be epic, with monster climbs, high altitude passes, and breathtaking descents, over and over.