Taiwan’s Top Climbs

Strava Global Heat Map

Where are people cycling in Taiwan? 
Here's the Garmin Heat Map showing northern Taiwan's most popular cycling routes.  

That's a lot of information, right?  You can see where a lot of people are riding, but you can also see fainter routes leading into the mountains. Those are the roads you want to ride.

Here's a preliminary list of the best climbs or mountainous routes divided by region. For now, I'll provide brief descriptions of each climb starting in Taipei City and later provide information about the others that are listed.

Taipei City

Taipei sits in a basin. All roads out of the city, except for the river trail to the coast at Tamshui, go up a hill. But all roads are not created equal. Here are some of the sweetest rides in Taipei City, including those in areas such as Yangmingshan National Park, Neihu, and Maokong, in the Wenshan District. 

Epic Taipei Climbs
  • Horse Stable Datun -- from Tianmu to the top, with all the hard bits thrown in.
  • Satellites Datun -- Starts past that National Palace Museum , and climbs over northwest shoulder of Yanmingshan before ascending Datun.
  • Fengguizui -- Head east up a forested hillside to a narrow pass where it's always windy and the water buffalo roam free.
  • Five fingers -- Shake the hand of buddha by tracing this hand-shaped route around Yangmingshan National Park. It's 137 kilometers long, and ascends more than 3,000 meters in total.
  • Wuzishan -- Climb out of Neihu and you're soon high above the city, looking down on Taipei 101, formerly the world's tallest building. Once you reach the summit, the route descends slightly to the windy pass at Fengguizui.
  • Maokong Beast -- Not far from Taipei City Zoo, this route gets its name from the ferocity of its final kilometer. Maokong is the tea growing area you pass as you climb. The beast is waiting for you at the top. Expect grades approaching 20%

These regions of Taiwan will be updated in the coming weeks. Check back for more information.

New Taipei City

You can't leave Taipei City without going through New Taipei City. But you can have a great day on the bike riding the mountain roads of New Taipei City. For the sheer number of interesting and challenging rides, New Taipei City is a bonanza.

Epic New Taipei City Climbs
  • Yangjin Datun -- Climb from the seaside district of Jinshan to the highest road in Yanmingshan National Park.
  • Balaka datun -- The fourth of the routes to Datun starts above the mouth of the Tamsui River.
  • Green Room -- This route is 3.4 km long, climbs 399 meters at an average grade of 12%, and reaches 20% in sections. 
  • Fit Hits the Shan -- If you've got anything left, continue on to the summit. It's 5.4 km in length, rises 541 meters at an average of 10%. The several rollers at the top take you over 20%. Enjoy the great view from the top if you're no too busy gasping for air.
  • Hyperloop -- If Green Room Qing Jing isn't enough, add on a quick descent down an equally steep road on the other side of peak, and when you get to the bottom, turn around immediately and start back up via another killer route. Two monster climbs in one. 
  • Teafields -- The mountains to the southeast of Taipei City are covered in terraced tea fields, and there are numerous routes through the steep terrain surrounding the district of Pinglin. Check out 001 - licence to climb if you want to prove your polka dot jersey credentials. It's 2.1 km. at an average grade of 11% and a maximum above 20%.
  • Taipei Pinglin
  • Pinglin Jiaoxi
  • Taipei Fulong
  • Hell above heaven Pingxi
  • Shaungxi Jiufen
  • Lion’s head
  • Guishan
  • Upper Wulai
  • Wulai Tonghou
  • Wulai Forestry Road
  • Lushan
  • Wulai Fushan
  • No bear
  • Back side bear
  • Lishan
  • Backside Li
  • Dongyanshan
  • Deer Creek
  • Xiongkong
  • Dragon’s lair
  • Phoenix roost
  • Death Hill
  • Kuanyin Shan
  • Sanxia Fuxing


  • North cross island highway
  • Daxi Fuxing
  • Fuxing Dongyanshan
  • Concrete ladder
  • North skyscraper
  • Roman Rood
  • Fufu Shan
  • Gaoyi
  • Baleng Lalashan
  • Baleng Mingchi
  • Sanguang Lidongshan


  • Roman Road
  • Sanguang Yanglao
  • Sanguang Lidongshan
  • Frothing at the mouth
  • Jianshi Yanglao
  • Xiuluan Taigang
  • Taigang Smangus
  • Wufeng Kuanwushan
  • Jianshi Wufeng
  • Wufeng Jianshi
  • Wufeng Donghe, Miaoli
  • Syakalo Trail
  • Jianshi Guanshan
  • Guanshan Jianshi


  • Daxi Shuangxi
  • Jiaoxi Nanshan
  • Jiaoxi Pinglin
  • Suao Dongao
  • Cross 7 to Mingchi
  • Nanshan Siyuan Yako
  • Taiping Shan


  • Taroko Tianxiang
  • Tianxiang Dayuling
  • Hualien KOM
  • Dayuling Wuling
  • Liyutan

doulan cows


  • Dulan trail
  • Donghe Monkey road
  • Cowpath Monkey road
  • Coastal 11
  • South Cross Island
  • Lily Mountain front
  • Lilly mountain back
  • Betel Nuts


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