Challenge Taiwan's Toughest Climbs

Taiwan offers some of the longest, tallest, and steepest climbs in East Asia. Let Bike Monkey Tours guide you to roads that will challenge you like nowhere else.

Our KOM tours dispense with the town to town rides that are the main features of our Recreational and Endurance tours. Instead, you and your bicycle will be transported by van to the starting point of epic rides that you will never forget.

Do you want to test your fitness against a 90-kilometer climb to a mountain pass at 3275 meters? Then the Wuling KOM is the ride for you. It starts at the Pacific Ocean, winds through the magnificent Taroko Gorge, and then ascends through high-altitude forests to an alpine pas with views down both sides of Taiwan's Central Mountain Range.

Or maybe you'd prefer to warm up with several 10-kilometer rides that climb 1000 meters each before tackling a 30-kilometer ride that tops out above 2000 meters. With Bike Monkey Tours, you can do that day after day, without repeating any of the same routes.

You'll spend your nights in comfortable hotels and guesthouses, and then enjoy filling, nutritious breakfasts in the morning before getting on your bicycle for a rewarding day ascending Taiwan's epic climbs. We'll plan your routes, carry your gear, and handle all the details so you can concentrate on riding.

KOM Tours with the Bike Monkey Tour guides are for groups up to six people. The best times for climbing Taiwan's epic rides are late fall and early spring. Contact us by email to begin arranging your KOM adventure in Taiwan 

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