Kenting to Taroko -- 8 days

Enjoy the very best cycling that Taiwan has to offer on this unforgettable adventure. Meet the team in Taipei, then travel to Kenting, a beach resort at the southern tip of this sub-tropical island, by high-speed rail.

Beach scene at SanhsiantaiSpend the next week cruising up Taiwan's east coast, along palm-lined beaches and winding roads that follow wild rivers, and through fertile farming valleys with light traffic and abundant wildlife.

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Finish the tour in Taroko Gorge, Taiwan's premier sightseeing area. The marble gorge is just tens of meters of wide, and the mountain rise thousands of meters above you.

Spend your evenings in guesthouses and hotels that feature in-room hot spring baths, air conditioning and comfortable beds, and beautiful natural surroundings.

Meet the local people and learn about their culture, sample delicious natural foods, and soak in the peaceful atmosphere.

Check out the route on Strava.


Hua Dong Loop -- 12 days

Meet the team in Taipei before traveling to Taidong, on Taiwan's east coast. Spend the first evening in nearby Doulan, the laid-back center of the island's surfing community. Then cruise up the coast past fields of rice, pineapples, and other tropical fruits.

After following a winding road along a wild river through the coastal mountain range, emerge onto the Huadong Valley, the breadbasket of Taiwan. The mountains of the Central Mountain Range will rise thousands of meters on your left as you pedal northwards along peaceful road through farming villages toward Hualien.

After Hualien, you'll cycle up to Tianxiang, a mountain resort in Taiwan's famed Taroko Gorge, where the river cuts a narrow gap through the marble slopes. Spend a day exploring the nearby trails and your evening soaking in a hot spring bath.

Then roll back to Hualien to explore this scenic coastal city and sample the local delicacies. The next morning, begin your journey south along the coast, before dropping back into the southern end of the Huadong Valley to the hot spring resort of Zhiben.

After a chance to explore the tropical rain forest, resume your expedition southwards. Finish your tour of eastern Taiwan by riding along the coast and down to the beach resort of Kenting, at the island's southern tip.

Spend a day relaxing on the beach, and then ride on Taiwan's High Speed Rail, traveling at upwards of 300 kph, back to Taipei, completing your loop of this welcoming island.

Look at the route on Strava.

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