Weekly Taiwan Cycling Videos

Spring in Taiwan is a great season for cycling in the mountains, and I’ve been recording weekly videos featuring the great rides in the Taipei region.

In the videos, you’ll find Strava maps of the routes I’ve ridden and commentary on the sights encountered, along with footage of the ascents and descents along the way.

Circling Yangmingshan National Park at the northern tip of Taiwan. VIDEO

Climbing three mountains in New Taipei City, with 2,700 meters of ascent. VIDEO

Riding south on the Bei Yi Highway toward Ilan before climbing to a mountain top above the coast and then looping back to Taipei through Pinglin and Shiding. VIDEO

Starting before dawn on a ride east toward Shuangxi, into Taiwan’s cat village of Houtong, and then up and over the pass back into Pingxi. VIDEO

Challenging the steepest route up Yangmingshan, climbing Horse Stable, Hudi Road, Goat Road, and finally Xiao Guanyin Shan. VIDEO

Cycling from Xindian up the river to Wulai, checking out the tourist sights of the waterfall and forestry train, and topping out in the jungle above Fushan Village. VIDEO

Slipping into the tea fields of Pinglin, with three steep climbs, a stop at a German bakery, amazing views of the mountains under blue skies. VIDEO

Summer in Taiwan starts with Dragon Boat Festival, and I check out the boat racing before climbing Bi Shan and returning to sample a temple celebration near my home. VIDEO

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